Ginjer Actifs 360 : Part A Pro

Within the meaning of Article D533-11 of the French Monetary and Financial Code

Investment strategy

Ginjer Assets 360 is a diversified fund that uses several performance drivers: convertible bonds, fixed income and money market products, hedging derivatives and equities.

All investments are made in the Europe zone and come from diversified active management that can range from 0 to 100% on each of the underlyings. Management seeks to value its assets each year by minimizing the risk of fluctuations.

The objective is to offer the investor a minimum return, each year, net of management fees, higher than the €STR index + 2%. In view of the strategy envisaged, the UCITS does not present a reference indicator since it will seek to capture indifferently the long-term positive trends of the traditional markets.

Subscription and redemption requests are centralized before 11:00 am by BNP Paribas SA by delegation every trading day opened in Paris. They are executed on the basis of the next net asset value. The net asset value is available on the website:

The related regulations are made on the second non-holiday business day following the date of the net asset value.
Each unit may be divided into thousandths of a unit. GINJER


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